espaço de divulgação científica da ABEP

Espaço de divulgação científica da ABEP

Environmental Governance and Equity in the Post-Truth Era

Governança Ambiental e Equidade na Era da Pós-Verdade

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George Martine


Myths and Governance | We live in a post-truth era marked by ethical relativism. Objective facts weigh less in the formation of public opinion than emotions and personal beliefs. Politicians fail to distinguish between private and public goods.  Populists manipulate the masses with simplistic solutions; their most powerful rep has trouble distinguishing fabrications from reality. Businessmen preach the ideology of the markets but suckle on the State’s breasts. The mass media defends particular interests while the social media concocts and destroys myths in 140 characters. Taken as a whole, the post-truth society produces fragile social structures and erodes the foundations of social capital essential to a viable society. What has all this to do with environmental governance?

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