Call for Papers - Migrant Illegality across Uneven Legal Geographies: A Two-Part Convening

About the Conference

University of Colorado-Denver, April 6-7, 2018 and Brown University, October 26-27, 2018

This two-part symposium seeks to bring an interdisciplinary group of scholars to examine how illegality is experienced across geographic contexts for undocumented immigrant communities.

While the federal political and legal landscape is characterized both by enforcement through a record number of deportations and inaction on comprehensive immigration reform, states and localities have also begun to engage in their own vastly different immigration policy making and enforcement. Some localities have expanded rights for undocumented immigrants, as is the case in states like California and Illinois, both of which are traditional immigrant gateways. While others have become much more restrictionist, as is the case in places such as Tennessee and Georgia, which are considered new immigrant destinations.

We invite submissions from scholars whose work explores immigrant youth, illegality, and law across local contexts particularly in non-traditional or re-emergent immigrant destinations. Papers exploring the following questions are especially welcome: (1) How does place, or where one lives and grows up, impact immigrant youths’ incorporation process? (2) How do experiences of undocumented young adults living in urban areas compare to those in rural areas? (3) How does illegality shape young immigrants’ educational, occupational, or political participation? (4) How do local geographies and local contexts of immigration enforcement affect experiences of illegality and belonging?

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